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Hybrid cloud strategy: a modernisation playbook for CTOs

Best practices to modernise your cloud infrastructure and drive hybrid cloud adoption

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Public clouds enabled digital transformation at unprecedented speed. But their operational costs over time can be exacting as computing needs increase. Hybrid clouds emerged as an alternative to gain the benefits of both worlds: private infrastructure that allows for lower operational expenditures and tighter control, and public clouds that can scale with ease.

Organisations looking to adopt a hybrid cloud architecture should carefully consider their options for private cloud vendors, as well as their implications for application design and development, workload orchestration, and long-term maintenance. This guide provides guidance and use cases for team leaders who are looking to build a hybrid cloud strategy.

This playbook covers:

  • The definition of hybrid clouds
  • The benefits and challenges associated with the adoption of hybrid clouds
  • Sample use cases for hybrid clouds
  • Best practices for adopting hybrid clouds cost-effectively

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