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How to livepatch Linux kernels in high availability environments

Apply high and critical security patches to a running Linux kernel with clear reboot guidance

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As a sysadmin, you need to avoid downtime and ensure high availability. How do you achieve your uptime objective, and ensure this doesn’t come at the cost of security? Canonical’s Livepatch service improves the security baseline of running machines, allowing system administrators to apply security patches to the Linux kernel without any disruptions. This webinar will focus on the security and uptime implications associated with live patching the kernel.

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • Which kernels can be patched with Ubuntu Livepatch, including an announcement about IBM Z s390x
  • Best practices when applying kernel security patches in high availability clusters
  • How Canonical ensures stability and quality for every patch delivered through Ubuntu Livepatch
  • What security patches are provided via Livepatch
  • Best practices around security patching medium and below security vulnerabilities in environments with tightly regulated compliance requirements
  • Reboot required versus reboot recommended, in the context of machines with Livepatch enabled
  • Keeping your Livepatch infrastructure up to date