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Go-to-market strategy with MassRobotics

Robot Makers webinar, Chapter 3, Oct 5th 2022, 5:00pm CEST

Defining a go-to-market strategy for robotics companies, featuring MassRobotics

Welcome to Chapter 3 of our webinar series Robot Makers. Together with the innovators, this series explores the journey, the challenges, and the enablers for robotics innovation. It provides insight into each phase of a robotics business, from R&D spin out to a consolidated company. The series provides a good mix between technological developments and entrepreneur experiences. So, if you want to learn about robotics innovations, the people behind them and their stories, this webinar is for you.

Our guest is Russell “RoboRuss” Nickerson, the partnership engagement liaison at MassRobotics. MassRobotics is a non-profit coworking space for robotics startups in Boston’s Seaport, where Russell supports more than 60 residence startups. Russell is also the owner of Collabots where he does robotics consulting, training and development. Previously, Russell worked for over 5 years at Softbank Robotics, creators of the NAO and Pepper Humanoid Robots.

Based on his experience scaling robotics companies, Russell will share the dos and don’ts of go-to-market strategy.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • About MassRobotics and how they support robotics startups
  • How to position your company against competitors
  • How to create scalable inbound and outbound models
  • About using the appropriate tactics to achieve goals

We will host an engaging session with plenty of opportunities for Q&A. Register below