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Implementing FIPS with maximum security configurations

Minimise the amount of time your systems are vulnerable after a patch is published, to be safe when an exploit becomes active

Join us on July 20 at 1 PM EST / 7 PM CEST

If your organisation is implementing FIPS in an air-gapped environment, whether in a private datacenter or on a public cloud, there are unique security challenges you need to overcome. FIPS cryptography requirements come with 4 levels of security. But there are cyber threats beyond the realm of cryptography vulnerabilities. This session will clarify how FIPS can be implemented securely using tooling that addresses concerns around uptime, security, and auditing.

Join us to learn how Landscape simplifies systems management at scale, by providing centralised access to utilities that can address CVEs and Ubuntu Security Notices (USNs). We will also explore how Landscape helps you patch specific vulnerabilities uniformly, even in environments with mixed levels of updates.

In this session you will learn about:

  • how FIPS Certified and FIPS Compliant implementations are different
  • how to implement Livepatch and preserve uptime in high availability clusters
  • the benefits of tracking CVEs through USNs
  • Ubuntu Security Guide (USG), a command line tool which can harden your FIPS servers and workstations with CIS policies
  • managing Livepatch, USG, and security patching through Landscape

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