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Embedded Kubernetes for secure IoT Edge

MicroK8s on Ubuntu Core

Register now for the live webinar on Jan. 19 at 5 pm BST

As Kubernetes has established itself as the modern platform to build and run software on the cloud and on-prem, the industry is now shifting its attention to the edge of the compute spectrum.

Businesses are looking for leaner Kubernetes deployments to be hosted on smaller, resource-constrained environments. IoT devices are provisioned at a very large scale, and operated at a distance, to be physically decommissioned only in the case of an insurmountable issue.

MicroK8s running on Ubuntu Core embeds a CNCF-conformant Kubernetes into IoT edge solutions, with minimal resource consumption, self-healing high availability, and automatic over the air updates. This allows for reduced operational costs and provides a robust platform for cloud native applications.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What are the benefits of embedded Kubernetes for IoT Edge
  • How to build edge Kubernetes clusters with MicroK8s
  • What is Ubuntu Core and how it differs from Ubuntu classic
  • What are the benefits of running MicroK8s on Ubuntu Core
  • 5 easy steps to embed Kubernetes on your IoT device

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