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Enhanced edge computing for business applications with private mobile networks

Delivering performance, agility, and reliability to enterprises

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Businesses traditionally deploy local area networks (LAN), such as WiFi, to provide network connectivity to their infrastructure and users. These networks can be flexibly deployed at low cost but are limited in their performance and security capabilities. Furthermore, businesses often need to support seamless connectivity for a large number of devices and users, despite their location and mobility characteristics on site.

Private mobile networks (PMN) provide an alternative. With PMNs, network systems that control data communications are deployed on site. This provides superior performance compared to traditional LAN solutions and public mobile networks whose software runs in a distant geographical location. Business applications that carry user and device data can enjoy reduced latency when interacting with back-end systems running on platforms hosted by an enterprise.

Having a dedicated mobile network for your business means that the deployment and planning of the network can be optimised for your specific needs. Your business application requirements can now dictate how the network should operate but not vice versa. Configuring the network according to business requirements means you’re in a better position to meet customer needs.

In this webinar, we will talk about private mobile networks and edge computing in more detail, and explain how this technology provides benefits to various industry sectors. We will go through:

  • A technology overview of private mobile networks
  • Sector requirements for PMN solutions
  • Advancements in mobile networking that deliver PMNs with better edge computing capabilities

Canonical provides industry leading solutions for edge computing. You will learn about how our products and solutions can deliver the efficiency, reliability and security your business needs.


  • Serdar Vural, Product Manager, Telco