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Seeking satisfaction: Customer-centric digital transformation in logistics

Guide on how to make your customers happy using open source technologies and digital transformation for logistics leaders

Every. Single. Shipment. Late.

Terrible experience with (Name of Retailer)! Don’t shop for delivery during the pandemic.

Customer refunded in full just two days after purchase. The reason - damage in transit.

These are some customer complaints logistics businesses received from dissatisfied customers in relation to late delivery or damaged goods.

What drives this level of dissatisfaction from customers? Why are customers getting so angry?

How would this customer behaviour affect how organisations do business in the logistics sector?

Digital transformation in logistics industry

In this whitepaper, we tell logistics leaders and practitioners a compelling story of customer centricity as the core component of logistics business strategy. In addition, we give further insights to:

  • Both lenses of the complexity and simplicity of the logistics landscape
  • Areas of improvement in the logistics sector
  • How digital transformation can help address the logistics sectors needs
  • Positioning open source technology as one of the digital transformation drivers
  • Open source solutions in the fields of AI, ML, cloud computing, cybersecurity, IoT, and robotics

Download the Whitepaper to know more.

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