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Workstations on the AI Journey – Part 1

Take a deep dive into how workstations enable the AI journey in this four-part webinar series


While new AI algorithms and training methods get all the hype, most analysts agree that data scientists spend up to 80% of their time on data: exploration, acquisition, ingestion, transformation, and cleansing. This webinar will explore the best open source platforms and tools that help to work on large and varying datasets, which is the first step of a four piece series on the AI Journey.

In this first part of a series, we will talk about:

  • Data cleaning
  • ETL
  • Data governance
  • Data ingestion
  • Data types
  • Locality impacts on performance and security


Maciej Mazur - Product Manager at Canonical
Kyle Harper - Director of AI Strategy at Dell
Michael Boros - AI Strategy at Dell


Watch the full series of this webinar: