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Creating accurate AI models with data

How Kubeflow and machine learning help you get the most out of your data

AI is transforming industries with rapid innovation cycles and unprecedented automation capabilities. With the right frameworks, tools, and processes, machine learning with Kubeflow can help you accelerate your AI business objectives. Kubeflow is a Kubernetes-native platform that includes the most popular machine learning tools and frameworks, like Tensorflow and PyTorch, and is available on your workstation or in the cloud. Recent use cases include expert systems, workflow automation, pattern recognition across real-time data sets, customer relationship management with predictive behavior, and many more.

The models at the core of this revolution require data - data is the fuel that powers accurate models. How do you get the most from data and ensure it meets your requirements? In this webinar we will discuss:

  • How to get started with defining AI project requirements and objectives
  • How to prioritize analytical projects in your company
  • The challenges involved in collecting and storing data and how to avoid them
  • How to extract values and eliminate complexities
  • What external sources you should use in your data pipeline