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Meet us at Data Edge - Australia


Data Excellence: Culture, Compliance and Connectivity

Data Edge is a conference that brings together technology executives from some of the most influential enterprise and government organizations in the region. This year, Canonical will be participating in the event and organizing several meetings with executives to discuss topics such as building data platforms, managing data pipelines, implementing MLOps, and developing AI applications. By addressing current challenges, organizations can better prepare for future ones. These solutions can run on any cloud or on-premises, and users can choose the level of support they require. We would be more than happy to invite you to join us at this event and arrange a meeting in advance for an in-depth discussion.

Learn more about the event on the official event website >

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Before joining the event, we encourage you to read our “A Guide to MLOps” whitepaper to gain a clear understanding of MLOps principles and best practices. This will help to make the lives of data scientists and machine learning engineers on your team easier.
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