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Containers-as-a-service: Deploy faster with Canonical and Portainer

As Kubernetes (K8s) footprint grows in the enterprise world, more and more business owners are reporting challenges in adopting K8s in production. Ubuntu is the operating system of choice for Kubernetes from public cloud to edge clusters. Canonical is helping customers overcome their Kubernetes-related challenges through a comprehensive product and services portfolio. Our recent partnership with Portainer, the container management platform, removes the friction of configuring, managing and securing Kubernetes clusters and containerised applications. Our combined offering brings a container-as-a-service experience to businesses anywhere they run K8s allowing them to deliver highly reliable and responsive cloud native applications.

In this technical session, you’ll learn about:

  • The seamless, fast integration of Canonical Kubernetes distros and Portainer
  • Boosting time-to-market with MicroK8s and LTS Docker images
  • Migrating your workloads to K8s and protecting your infrastructure investment using Portainer GitOps features
  • Enabling consistent and compliant governance and security, leveraging Ubuntu’s long lasting security track record and Portainer RBAC integration

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