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Congestion control in the era of high parallelism data centres

Understanding the networking challenges posed by HPC, Machine Learning and Big Data workloads and the avenues that could be explored to solve them.

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In the modern era of high parallelism data centres, efficient network congestion control is paramount for ensuring optimal performance and scalability. Scaling your network with your compute and data is complex within environments supporting HPC, Machine Learning and Big Data workloads.

Traditional approaches quickly reach their limitations and exploring cutting-edge solutions is required. The interplay between congestion and parallel data processing underscores the transformative potential of next-generation network technologies.

Embracing these strategies is crucial for organisations seeking to mitigate performance bottlenecks, optimise resource utilisation, and stay competitive in the rapidly evolving landscape of data centre operations.

The whitepaper covers:

  • Why plain IP over Ethernet is not keeping up with highly parallel workloads
  • Solutions to the network congestion challenge
  • Infiniband and Ethernet, together in harmony?

Download the whitepaper to learn how to plan your future-proof network strategy.

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