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Secure your customers’ open source ecosystems with Ubuntu Pro

Open-source software adoption is on the rise, but securing open source long-term is a challenge for most organizations who use it.

According to Synopsys 2023 OSSRA research, around 96% of companies use open source in their codebases. Among them, at least 84% contained known vulnerabilities.

Nowadays, vulnerability exposure lasts for 98 days on average, which means that the majority of organizations are not fixing known vulnerabilities in their codebases for 3 months. This is simply not acceptable in a world of constantly-growing risks and threats.

Canonical can provide enterprise-grade security to you and your customers with an inexpensive solution. Ubuntu Pro, Canonical’s expanded security maintenance and compliance subscription, is ideal for business builders who want to focus on innovation and be confident of ongoing security maintenance and dependency tracking.

Join our live partner webinar to discover:

  • What is Ubuntu Pro and what is included
  • Where to position Ubuntu Pro
  • How it can bring you more business opportunities
  • Partnering with Canonical

Ubuntu is everywhere. Seize the opportunity to implement it within your customers’ businesses.

Choose the best time for you and register now:

June, 15


1:30pm (BST) | 2:30pm (CET) | 6pm (IST)
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1:30pm (PDT) | 3:30pm (CDT) | 4:30pm (EDT)
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This webinar is exclusive to Canonical’s business partners