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IMS Evolve adopts Ubuntu Core to provide IoT-enabled business intelligence in the supply chain

IMS Evolve has delivered rapidly scalable IoT Solutions to the world’s largest food retailers, from their refrigeration systems to their petrol filling stations. Overall, IMS Evolve’s systems monitor 25 million data points every minute of every day, and manage almost 98,000 sites across 12 countries.

They needed a partner that shared the same internet of things vision to harness the untapped data from legacy infrastructures to benefit businesses and the wider economy. At the same time, it was looking for an edge solution that employed a highly resilient, reliable and secure OS, that would minimise the need for maintenance or manual intervention. Find out how IMS Evolve adopted Ubuntu Core running on Dell Edge Gateways to run the cold-chain solutions of some of the recognisable food retailers.


  • Ubuntu Core at the heart of large-scale, stable and secure industrial IoT solution
  • IMS Evolve’s solution allows customers to extract maximum value from valuable, business-critical cold chain assets
  • One retailer realised energy savings of $7m in one year
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