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AZLOGICA utilise Ubuntu Core for customised IoT agricultural solutions

Shrimps are now considered as the most lucrative sea food product with demand growing from consumers due to their high nutritional value. Due to their perishable nature, it is imperative for shrimp producers to maximise their profitability and reduce the risk of wasted stock either from theft, unfavourable weather conditions or a sub-optimal production environment - particularly with increasing demand and high revenue opportunities at stake.


  • Learn how Azlogica, a Latin American IoT company, turned to Ubuntu to help their client, Oceanos, to maximise shrimp production and revenues utilising

Ubuntu Core and Dell Edge Gateways.

  • Production increases up by 28% through use of sensors on key metrics such as water quality.
  • Working with Ubuntu, helped enabled AZLOGICA to promise a payback time of up to six months to Oceanos.
  • Using Ubuntu and Ubuntu Core across their desktops, servers and on the edge gateways allowed AZLOGICA to optimise resource and reduce development time.
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