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Building ROS snaps with content sharing

ROS Developer Guide - Part 4

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In part 2 of our developer guide series, we saw in fine detail how to create a single snap for a complete robot stack, including things like controllers, sensor drivers, but also functionalities such as autonomous navigation.

While part 3 of our series focused on the snap store and the snap release process, this developer guide, part 4, draws from the example shown in part 2 to exemplify one specific feature of snaps, content sharing. We will therefore revisit the entire example in order to make use of this feature – after introducing it, of course.

This guide is meant for ROS snap beginners and advanced users looking for insights and guidelines on implementing ROS snap content sharing. This is not a quick tutorial, but rather an in-depth guide. Furthermore, these steps assume that you have completed part 2 of this series.

This guide is organised as follows:

• Packaging complex robotics software with multiple snaps

  • Introduction and reasons behind the content sharing approach
  • Requirements and setup

• Identification of robot components

  • Learn how to separate a monolithic snap in multiple apps
  • BringUp snap with the robot core drivers
  • Teleoperation snap of for manual robot movements
  • Mapping and Navigation snap for advanced autonomous robot movements

• Using content sharing

  • See how you can enable content sharing in your snap
  • Compare the differences before and after content sharing
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