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How to build LLMs with open source

Building LLMs from 0 to hero

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Large language models (LLMs) are machine-learning models specialised in understanding natural language. They became famous once ChatGPT was widely adopted around the world, but they have applications beyond chatbots. This blog will explain large language models (LLMs), including their benefits, challenges, famous projects and what the future holds.

LLMs have multiple use cases - from building conversational assistants to performing sentiment analysis. Amongst the challenges that enterprises face are:

  • Large datasets Increased computing power
  • Lack of talent
  • Interpretability

Build LLMs from 0 to hero

Join Andreea Munteanu, AI/ML Product Manager and Maciej Mazur, Principal AI/ML Field Engineer to talk more about large language models. During the webinar, they will cover:

  • What large language models are
  • How to overcome adoption barriers of LLMs within your enterprise
  • Use cases of LLMs
  • Guidance to build projects using LLMs
  • How to use open source to build LLMs