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Android in the cloud on Arm native servers

High performance. Power efficiency. Hardware rooted security.

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Over the last few decades, Arm’s ability to deliver excellent performance at a fraction of the power of existing architectures has driven a new era in mobile computing. As increasing amounts of data and services migrate to the cloud, the Arm ecosystem is set to experience another phase of innovation. The key use cases driving this new wave are cloud gaming, developer services such as continuous integration and continuous development (CI/CD), and secure enterprise application streaming in the cloud. All of these use cases have a similar theme; enabling mobile devices to access data or additional programming without having that data or program reside on the actual device.

These types of innovative workloads require a modern architecture built for the cloud. For anyone running code at the edge or in any of the Arm-based IoT devices mentioned, there are significant advantages to running code that is native to that platform. Ampere, Canonical and NETINT Technologies have partnered to produce a solution that caters to the myriad of native applications developed for the Android operating system - Anbox Cloud running on Ampere servers allows enterprises and service providers to deliver mobile applications at scale, more securely and independently of a device’s capabilities.

In this whitepaper, joint with Ampere and NETINT, you will learn:

  • The combined solution and architecture of Canonical’s Anbox Cloud with Ampere and NETINT to deliver the most efficient platform for processing Arm native code in the industry.
  • A deep dive into the benefits for enterprises including superior economics, predictable high performance, power efficiency and hardware rooted security.
  • Using cloud gaming as a use case, we highlight a scalable, efficient cloud resource available to a new class of cloud-native applications.
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