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Download Ubuntu for RISC-V Platforms

Ubuntu - now available for multiple RISC-V platforms

Run Ubuntu with your favourite RISC-V boards. Ubuntu recently enabled SiFive Unmatched, StarFive VisionFive and Allwinner Nezha in Ubuntu 22.04.1. Download the images for those boards below.

Pick the OS image to match your hardware, flash it onto SD/microSD card, load it onto your board and away you go.

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Download Ubuntu Server Preinstalled Image

Ubuntu Server 22.04.1


It is an early RISC-V developer access through Ubuntu 22.04.1 and this is a preinstalled image, if you have a NVMe drive, we advise you to use the Ubuntu Server live installer which can be found here.

Download 64-bit

Works on:

  • The Unmatched board
  • QEMU

First time installing Ubuntu on QEMU/Unmatched?

Please see the for more information.