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Canonical announcements
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How Domotz streamlined provisioning of IoT devices

by cmoullec on 27 February 2020

Learn how Ubuntu Core and snaps gives Domotz a competitive advantage As the number of IoT devices scale, the challenges of provisioning and keeping them up to...


Experimental feature: snap refresh awareness and update inhibition

by Igor Ljubuncic on 27 February 2020

We’d like to follow up on last week’s article about parallel installs for classic snaps with another bleeding-edge topic. Today, we will discuss snap...

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Cloud and server
Cloud and server

Quick-add KVMs for MAAS

by Bill Wear on 25 February 2020

Cloud and server

MAAS doc example: MGH

by Bill Wear on 19 February 2020

Cloud and server

MAAS 2.7 released

by Bill Wear on 18 February 2020

Cloud and server

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Edge AI in a 5G world

  •   06 February 2020
Cloud and server
Cloud and server
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