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A seachange in front-end best practice (but not for a while)

by Robin Winslow on 11 March 2015

Despite some reservations, it looks like HTTP/2 is very definitely the future of the Internet. Speed improvements HTTP/2 may not be the perfect standard, but...


Ubuntu Music App behind the scenes

by Canonical on 6 March 2015

Ubuntu community devs Andrew Hayzen and Victor Thompson chat with lead designer Jouni Helminen. Andrew and Victor have been working in open source projects...

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Auto-syncing revision history from Github to Launchpad

by Robin Winslow on 28 January 2015

In the design team we keep some projects in Launchpad (as canonical-webmonkeys), and some project in Github (as UbuntuDesign), meaning we work in both Bazaar...


Converting projects between Git and Bazaar

by Robin Winslow on 27 January 2015

Here in the design team we use both Bazaar and Git to keep track our projects’ hostory. We quite often end up coverting our projects from Bazaar to Git or...


Saving on download day: Caching location specific pages

by Robin Winslow on 28 August 2014

On release day we can get up to 8,000 requests a second to from people trying to download the new release. In fact, last October (13.10) was the...


Making responsive: JavaScript considerations (14)

by Anthony Dillon on 17 June 2014

This post is part of the series ‘Making responsive‘. The JavaScript used on is very light. We limit its use to small functional elements...


Making responsive: ensuring performance (13)

by Anthony Dillon on 13 June 2014

This post is part of the series ‘Making responsive‘. Performance has always been one of the top priorities when it came to building the responsive...


Making responsive: our Sass architecture (12)

by Anthony Dillon on 12 June 2014

This post is part of the series ‘Making responsive‘. When working to make the current web style guide responsive, we made some large updates to the...


Cloud sprint: what I’ve learned about testing and code reviews

by Anthony Dillon on 30 October 2013

I was recently asked to attend a cloud sprint in San Francisco as a front-end developer for the new Juju GUI product. I had the pleasure of finally meeting...


Latest from the web team — October 2013

by Inayaili de León Persson on 24 October 2013

Release month is always a busy one for the web team, and this time was no exception with the Ubuntu 13.10 release last week. In the last few weeks we’ve...


Ubuntu Edge: Design process

by Canonical on 26 July 2013

Right… so where should we start? First post. Hello, my name is Chee, and I am an industrial designer. In this post I will share some materials, stories and...