Viva Ubuntu!


on 9 January 2013

Tags: Design

Wow! How do you know you’ve made something great?

Some good indicators are press coverage, an award and a visit by

The first day at CES showed that the mobile industry and many, many (no, really!), many people are impressed and intrigued by Ubuntu for the phone.

1. Amazing interest

Online, on the first CES day at the Ubuntu booth, and at the CES press event, the interest for Ubuntu on the phone is extraordinary.

Many are impressed with the design and its capabilities, and totally get the potential of Ubuntu in the mobile space.

Mika demonstrating Ubuntu on the phone

Our lead phone designer Mika demonstrates Ubuntu on the phone to the excited audience.

2. Editor’s choice award

Congratulations to the whole design and dev team that build Ubuntu for the phone!

We received the Editors’ choice award in recognition of outstanding achievement in new product design and innovation from the well-established Popular Mechanics magazine!

PopMech award

PopMech award

The CES Ubuntu team

The CES Ubuntu team with the award

 3. A well-known guest

We had the privilege today to show Ubuntu for phone to a very interested visiting Ubuntu booth visiting Ubuntu booth

All in all, a great start of CES. More to come from Viva Las Vegas!

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