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Ubuntu in the wild – 9th of February 2021

This article is more than 2 years old.

The Ubuntu in the wild blog post ropes in the latest highlights about Ubuntu and Canonical around the world on a bi-weekly basis. It is a summary of all the things that made us feel proud to be part of this journey. What do you think of it?

Ubuntu Core 20 release is here

This week, Canonical released Ubuntu Core 20, a containerized version of the Ubuntu 20.04 LTS release designed especially for use on embedded and IoT devices, with an emphasis on security.

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Kris Sharma shares insights about digital finance

Kris Sharma, Finance Sector Lead at Canonical, shares his views on how APIs can help financial firms to facilitate new technology adoption as well as boosting innovation while integrating with legacy run-the-business applications.

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New restrictions for Chromium

Google announced that starting March 15, 2021, the access to their API functionality for the users of the Chromium web browser, the open-source counterpart to Chrome, will be limited. This article explores the consequences of the announcement for Linux distributors who’ve been bundling Chromium.

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Women in IT share their experiences

Sohini Roy, Product Manager at Canonical, was interviewed by Jaxenter to talk about her experience as a woman in tech. She shares the importance of using failures to fuel ambition, creating strong networks to support your ideas, and keeping on dismantling prejudice to reach untapped opportunities and market shares.

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