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Ubuntu AI podcast: AI for day-to-day tasks

Hasmik Zmoyan

on 25 January 2024

Welcome to Ubuntu AI podcast, where we talk about AI with the industry leaders.

This episode was recorded in Riga, during the Ubuntu Summit 2023. We’re talking about the implementation of AI solutions for day-to-day tasks with the CEO of Nextcloud Frank Karlitschek.

AI usage in Nextcloud

We are talking about the AI usage at Nextcloud and privacy plays a big role there. Listen to the episode to learn more about how to ensure customer’s privacy when implementing AI solutions. We will also dive deeper into use-cases for Nextcloud.

Implementing AI solutions within your organization

You can built all your AI projects with secure and supported Canonical MLOps. Stable, secure, scalable tooling is a priority for enterprises. Having AI that enterprises can benefit from is critical.

If you are still defining the use-cases within your organization, our expert team is here to provide Canonical’s AI consulting services, designed to support you in every step of your journey.

Learn more about Canonical AI solutions here.

Download our guide to MLOps. Take your AI projects to production.

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