Trilio and Canonical extend partnership to enable data protection for Charmed OpenStack


on 13 August 2020

Canonical and Trilio, announced today an extension of their partnership to include TrilioVault data protection capabilities with Charmed OpenStack as a tested and validated joint solution. TrilioVault for OpenStack is a cloud-native, application-centric data protection platform that was designed to provide native backup and recovery for private cloud workloads.


  • TrilioVault is now included as part of the OpenStack Charms portfolio
  • TrilioVault is a backup and recovery solution that natively integrates with OpenStack clouds
  • Existing Charmed OpenStack customers can add the TrilioVault data protection platform to their private cloud
  • TrilioVault for Charmed OpenStack is available as an add-on to Canonical’s Private Cloud Build (PCB) consulting service, and support is included as part of the Ubuntu Advantage for Infrastructure subscription

“TrilioVault extends Canonical’s Charmed OpenStack with a native backup and recovery platform for OpenStack workloads,” said Tytus Kurek, Product Manager at Canonical. “Users can backup their applications and perform point-in-time recovery in the same way as in traditional IT environments. This is a huge improvement as OpenStack itself does not provide this kind of functionality out of the box,” added Kurek. “Canonical is excited to continue in partnership with Trilio to ensure that our private cloud offering meets the highest standards in the industry.”

“Canonical offers an easy and economical way to deploy and operate a private cloud,” said Robert Rother, Product Manager at Trilio. “Putting full automation around OpenStack and TrilioVault deployment and operations allows our customers to operate their infrastructure in a more economical way, ensuring cost savings, and efficient data protection and management”. 

TrilioVault for Charmed OpenStack is available as an add-on to Canonical’s Private Cloud Build (PCB) consulting service. Moreover, Canonical provides commercial support for TrilioVault and TrilioVault charms under the Ubuntu Advantage for Infrastructure subscription. Canonical also provides a managed option for Charmed OpenStack with TrilioVault data protection extension under its Managed OpenStack service.

TrilioVault is a backup and recovery solution that natively integrates with OpenStack clouds. TrilioVault’s cloud-native design can dramatically reduce the amount of time organisations spend on restoration activities. It has built-in tenant-level control, utilising existing identity management tools and OpenStack APIs to distribute management capabilities to all provisioned users of the cloud. TrilioVault integrates with the OpenStack dashboard out-of-the-box to provide cloud and backup administrators with complete visibility into their private cloud operations in a single view.

Watch the upcoming webinar: “Extend your OpenStack cloud with native backup and recovery”

Learn more about Charmed OpenStack.

Learn more about TrilioVault.

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