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The difference an OTA update can make!

This article was last updated 4 years ago.

Just over 2 months ago we launched our first convergence device, the Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition tablet with partners BQ. Since then we’re constantly working to evolve the platform to provide better overall performance and speed with our Over-the-Air updates (OTA.)

Our OTA updates are released approximately 6-8 weeks apart from each other and are our moments to celebrate as they bring about these developments.

Our last OTA-11 saw overall performance improvements to the M10 that included speed, bluetooth connectivity and smoother scrolling – summarised in the video by Richard above. And luckily these changes were picked up by journalists which are summarised below!

Tech Republic – Ubuntu Touch OTA-11 brings about serious improvements to the platform

Toms Hardware – Canonical fixes Convergence issues with OTA 11 update

Slash gear – Verdict and 10 things to know about Ubuntu BQ Aquaris M10

Learn more about the M10 tablet >

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