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Telco Demos With Juju: DataStax

James Donner

on 3 February 2016

Mobile World Congress is weeks away, and we can’t wait to demonstrate the power of Ubuntu on OpenStack alongside the capabilities of NFV. In the meantime, we’re taking a deep dive into innovative telecom focused applications that can be easily enabled with our services modeling tool Juju.

TeleStax provides Open Source Communications software that enable developers to quickly create telephony applications. One of their products is Restcomm, which is a cloud based communication platform that allows you to build voice, video, and messaging applications. With the Mobicents Restcomm MySQL bundle currently available in the charm store, you can have a full voicemail application up and running within 15 minutes on a local environment. Once it’s deployed on Juju, you can access the telephony features through their WebRTC client Olympus.

At TADsummit in Lisbon, Jean Deruelle from Telestax gave a demonstration of the features listed above using the Juju GUI. See for yourself how simple Juju makes the deployment of telecom services.

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