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Talking about gestures to Fast Company


on 7 February 2013

Tags: Design

Presenting Ubuntu on phones last month caused a bit of a stir in the tech press. One of the main takeaways has been its assertion on an interface that’s based on direct and instant access to common functions via the edges of the screen. Since this is quite a disruption from traditional hard-key or soft-button based UIs, it’s only fair that Ubuntu’s gesture-based design has awakened some curiosity.

Fast Company’s Co.Design called our approach “aggressively gestural“ and asked for more details on the thinking that has gone into the phone interaction design. Ivo Weevers and I responded, and the feature is now online on their website.

It’s always nice when we get to discuss our designs in wider circles. Being able to do so in a world class forum like Fast Company makes us very happy indeed!

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