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Usability testing


Conducting Usability Testing: a case of just following the task script?

by Canonical on 11 November 2013

In the previous post, we talked about how to design effective user testing tasks to evaluate the usability of an interface. This post continues with this...


Thunderbird & Evolution Usability Testing

by Canonical on 4 August 2011

Recently we hired an external consultant to compare the usability of 2 email clients: Thunderbird and Evolution. I have taken some highlights from the report...


Usability Testing of Unity

by Canonical on 13 November 2010

In preparation for UDS, we conducted usability testing of Unity with general public users.  We are now better informed as to where we should expend further...


How are your users feeling? Example from Rhythmbox

by Canonical on 11 August 2010

When conducting and writing up user research findings, I make a point of defining the experience goals alongside participant’s actual real life goals.  This...