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Cloud and server
Cloud and server

Using cloud-init with Multipass

by Joshua Powers on 2 April 2018

This article originally appeared on Joshua Powers’ blog cloud-init + Multipass Multipass is a quick and easy way to launch virtual machine instances running...

Cloud and server

HOWTO: Automatically import your public SSH keys into LXD Instances

by Dustin Kirkland on 25 February 2017

Just another reason why LXD is so awesome…You can easily configure your own cloud-init configuration into your LXD instance profile.In my case, I want...

Internet of Things

Snappy Ubuntu Core and cloud-init

by Scott Moser on 11 December 2014

Snappy Ubuntu Core was announced this week.  In yesterday’s blog post (Snappy Ubuntu Core and uvtool) I showed how you can use uvtool to create and manage...