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Wavesat uses Bazaar Version Control to increase developer productivity

by Canonical on 4 October 2010

Summary As a leading provider of wireless solutions to global telecommunication carriers and device manufacturers, Wavesat runs a tight schedule of multiple...

Cloud and server

Canonical announces commercial services for its version control system, Bazaar

by Canonical on 10 December 2009

Set up, support and troubleshooting now available for new and existing deployments Companies and open source projects interested in using Canonical's popular...


Launchpad 2.0 radically improves collaboration for open source projects

by Canonical on 17 July 2008

Launchpad 2.0 Radically Improves Collaboration for Open Source Projects. Canonical's Launchpad2.0 Improves Flexibility And Integration of Developer...


MySQL is using Bazaar and Launchpad for their source code

by Canonical on 19 June 2008

Now this is exciting news: MySQL is now using Bazaar and Launchpad for their source code! Both the main MySQL server code and the code for many ancilliary...


Canonical releases version 1.0 of Bazaar version control tool for efficient developer collaboration

by Canonical on 14 December 2007

Decentralised version control system eases management of Distributed, out-sourced or open source development projects Canonical Ltd., the commercial sponsor...