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Watch out for Ubuntu! The E-Pebble smartwatch

by Canonical on 19 April 2012

In the year 2000 IBM showed off the WatchPad, a computer on your wrist, but one perhaps ahead of its time and still needing a little bit of design-love. Of...


“When Humans make stuff, we tend to make interesting things.”

by Canonical on 2 November 2011

Last night I watched “Press Pause Play” which in it’s own words is a film about fear, hope and digital culture. If you’ve not heard the talk surrounding the...


So you’ve decided to make an Ubuntu promotional video

by Canonical on 11 October 2011

We made a video outlining what makes Ubuntu 11.10 so great and you can make one too in your language using this guide and assets.


Celebrate Ubuntu!

by Canonical on 31 May 2011

At UDS in Budapest we held a session on the idea of a toolkit for community members. It would allow anyone excited enough to show off and celebrate their use...


Introducing Ubuntu – The Movie!

by Canonical on 27 October 2010

Almost all of the design team are in Orlando this week taking part in UDS. As well as getting ready for the summit in the last few weeks we’ve also been...


Designing on Ubuntu

by Canonical on 18 October 2010

The recent Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase competition produced some good work. Lots of great photos and plenty of interesting music tracks were submitted.But...


This week in design – 1 October 2010

by Canonical on 1 October 2010

It’s _almost_ there. Happy “so close to release I can almost taste the Ubuntinis” Day everyone! And if you’ve not tried an Ubuntini, well you should. The next...


Friday afternoon treats…

by Canonical on 16 July 2010

I came across a thread this afternoon talking about a piece of promotional work by Goce Mitevski for Ubuntu.Simple, elegant and clean. Lovely.


Well worth ten minutes of your time…

by Canonical on 8 June 2010

An illustration supporting a talk by Dan Pink about the hidden truths behind what really motivates us.