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QA-IQ to deliver official Ubuntu training in the UK


on 1 August 2008

This article is more than 15 years old.

Good news for the British, or at least those Brits who are looking to take up Ubuntu training – QA-IQ, the UK’s largest I.T. training provider are adding Ubuntu to their roster with the first classes kicking off in London in September. The initial scheduled courses, Ubuntu Professional courses 1 & 2, aim to equip System Administrators with the skills to set up and work with Ubuntu in the office environment. At the end of the two courses, students will also be prepared to sit the exams required to become Ubuntu Certified Professionals. You can find a list of the course 1 availability here and course 2 here.

QA-IQ have another 20 training centres in the UK, so if you don’t find a course near you and you can fill a class with at least 6 students, they will open up one especially. They can also do on site training if you prefer.

These courses were developed by Canonical and are available in classroom format exclusively through our authorised Ubuntu training partners. There are also online versions of these courses. All the information about global partners, classes and online courses can be found here.

For the ordinary user (sysadmins are extraordinary people as we know),we have also designed an online course at the very affordable price of $100. So if you have persuaded a new user  onto Ubuntu, and don’t want to spend a long time showing them the ropes then this might be the ideal solution. You can access it here and there is some free previews to whet the appetite.

It’s a no brainer that sound training is an enabler for smooth adoption of any new technology and as the demand for Ubuntu deployments increases, so too is the demand for training. Our students seem to be pretty satisfied, so if you are about to deploy Ubuntu or have just started using it, check out the training sections of Ubuntu as above.

Billy Cina

Training Programmes Manager

The very beautiful desktop training

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