Project Calico and Canonical: Working Together at #MWC15


on 13 February 2015

Project Calico will be one of Canonical’s several technology demos at Mobile World Congress in Hall 8.1 at App Planet Stand CC8.20.

Metaswitch’s Project Calico is an open-source solution for virtual networking in cloud data centers. It is integrated with Canonical’s Juju Charms orchestration tool, which allows a user to quickly and easily deploy an entire OpenStack cluster using Calico networking.

Canonical will be demonstrating Calico networking on OpenStack clusters at the booth. The demo will show how easily a Calico-based system can be deployed using Juju Charms and how effectively it provides a simple, scalable, Layer 3-based network, while still affording the security and tenant isolation required in any cloud deployment.

For an introduction on the benefits and advantages of Project Calico over other virtual networking solutions, please see this post on the Project Calico blog.

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