Pi-Cubes – App-Enabled HVAC Control

Maarten Ectors

on 9 September 2015

This is a guest post by the Cube-Controls team as part of “the startup stories”, a series of blog posts about how and why innovative companies are using Ubuntu technology.

Pi-Cubes has been designed to provide makers and hobbyist with a modular automation system that supports up to 24 I/Os and four thermostats.

It is primarily designed for HVAC automation but with choice of different I/O boards it may be used for any kind of Home Automation projects.

Pi-Cubes I/O Modules are easy accessible from Raspberry Pi just using I2C serial communication, which provides wide range of programming options, from Python, Node JS, C/C++ and all kind of existing control frameworks.

Pi-Cubes Communication Thermostat is easy accessible through serial port on Raspberry Pi and it is using open communication protocol Modbus.

Cube-Controls has chosen to use open source solutions for their Pi-Cubes SDK.

Primarily we will use Node-RED as visual programming options powered by snappy Ubuntu Core.

Snappy Apps and Ubuntu Core will make installation of our SDK very simple, just in couple minutes users will be ready to program their application on Pi-Cubes using Node-RED.

To pre-order your Pi-Cubes system and to start developing your next Home/HVAC automation system visit us on Kickstarter:

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