One Hundred Paper Cuts Round 4 Progress Report


on 4 August 2009

The fourth milestone in the One Hundred Paper Cuts project came and went over a week ago. Here’s a summary of the issues addressed:

F-Spot puts photos in Photos folder not Pictures folder
A patch from an F-Spot developer exists in Bugzilla, and has been iterated a few times using feedback from other developers. The upstream bug was sidetracked by a ranting individual.
Nautilus location bar toggle icon implies unrelated function
Kalle Persson proposed and created an improved icon.
Ship fewer screensaver by default
Andrew Starr-Bochicchio submitting a preliminary patch to remove recommends status from screensavers that sometimes behave erratically. Alejandra Obregon compiled a list of recommended default screensavers, but there is reluctance to enable this “arbitrary” subset of screensavers because packaging them is difficult. If you’d like to become a packaging all-star, tackle this one.
Nautilus browser’s pathbar displays non-existent folders
Ted M Lin attached patches in Launchpad and upstream. Cosimo Cecchi reviewed the patch upstream and commented that he plans to remove some extraneous changes and add some other changes to more completely clean up after deleted files.
Panel clock applet should show only the time by default
Marcus Carlson wrote the “world’s smallest patch” to fix this. The fix has not been committed.
Resizing windows by grabbing window borders is difficult
Ken Wimer is addressing this in the Human theme.
Volume panel applet menu should not zoom in/out; it should behave like the other applet menu
Upstream GNOME changes fixed applet behavior.

These paper cuts need your attention (yes, you):

Place an Ubuntu icon/emblem on the system partition
Some mockups and proof-of-concept patches were attached to the Launchpad bug, but no adequate solutions emerged. There is no movement upstream on this one.
Battery monitor is red even when 30% charge remains
This is fixed in Humanity, and changes for Human are being discussed still.
Eye of GNOME appears to conflict with Nautilus’ file sorting preferences
Needs a patch to prevent Eye of GNOME from acting like a file browser.

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