MagicStick and Ubuntu Core, redefining the PC on stick experience


MagicStick™ has had a highly successful campaign on Indiegogo for their affordable yet super powerful PC on a stick already reaching 7.5 times its funding objective. They’re now going further by offering Ubuntu Core on MagicStick™ as a way to enjoy a simpler, faster, leaner PC experience on your TV.

MagicStick™, a powerful PC on stick experience

The PC on stick has been increasingly popular for those looking to transform their TV into a smart TV. Plugging the PC on stick into the HDMI port and transforms a normal TV into a smart device! You can enjoy anything a PC powered experience offers: media center, web browser, games. MagicStick™ is offering a powerful 8G RAM PC on stick that brings a fast experience to your screen.

However MagiStick™ is looking to change the PC on stick experience more radically! TV users want to lean back and enjoy their sofa time! They do not need to click their way through complex menus just to start watching their favourite show or Youtube video! They do not need a desktop on which to place the files. They want simple slimmed down interfaces!

Marrying the power of a PC on stick and the simplicity of an appstore

By offering Ubuntu Core in the PC on stick form factor, MagicStick™ is bringing a simple appstore experience to the TV. Find an app, tap on it to launch it or to download it and you have your home entertainment system, your game, your home control system or your browser on your TV screen. Every app is just a few taps away on your TV. The powerful PC on stick gives you speedy and reactive interfaces and a variety of compatible applications; Ubuntu Core gives you a simple experience and a store to manage your applications.

Magictisck™ CEO Ambuj Kumar gave us insights behind MagiStick™ and the campaign: “It has been a long journey to design, develop and build a perfect product which can provide awesome experience to the users. This hard work has been rewarded by the users from across the globe that has shown keen interest in the product and backed us on Indiegogo, a crowd funding platform. We have been receiving feedback’s from various backers explaining how they would like to use their MagicStick™. Though MagicStick™ provides various options for customers to select their preferred operating system, Ubuntu has been a very popular option. This is the reason we thought to provide our customers with a better, simpler and more entertaining way to access and launch their apps on their TV using Ubuntu core. We are sure you will get entertained with this combination for the years to come.”

If you want to join us in changing the PC on Stick experience, visit Magicstick™ campaign on Indiegogo.

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