Juju Charmer Summit: A Kickoff

James Donner

on 13 November 2015

Tags: Juju

The first ever Juju Charmer Summit was held this September in the Washington DC area. This event gathered the Juju community into one physical space to share our knowledge, to share success stories and best practices, and to grow our skills together. It also provided everyone the chance to meet Charmers and Juju contributors in person, which was a welcomed change from mailing lists, IRC and online hangouts.

To kick-off the event, the Founder of Ubuntu and Juju, Mark Shuttleworth, joined us via videoconference to share his enthusiasm and vision for Juju, Charms, DevOps and service modeling for the modern computing era.

Watch the full presentation to discover;

  • How charming is fun and easy and becoming even more so,
  • How charming helps independent software vendors (ISVs) and developers,
  • How charming helps DevOps practitioners
  • How to take advantage of best practices for Charm design
  • How to effectively navigate the Charm roadmap and ecosystem

As we count down to the next Juju Charmer Summit in 2016, we’ll be publishing follow-up videos of the conference so that everyone who missed out this time can see what happened.

Exciting and “Charming” times are ahead!

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