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Introducing Firefighting Support


on 2 July 2024

New service provides enhanced cloud support from Canonical’s experts 

Canonical’s Managed Solutions team is proud to announce Firefighting Support, a new service for organisations that manage their infrastructure by themselves but need experts on call for troubleshooting needs.

Firefighting Support provides managed-service-level support to customers who graduate away from fully managed services or are under security regulations too stringent to grant environment access to a third-party. The service, priced per node per year, enables you to: 

  • Receive support from Canonical Managed Solutions engineers in high severity situations, in the shape of a video call, within one hour of the incident alert.
  • Embedded Ubuntu Pro + Support, with all its benefits – all Firefighting Support packages include 24/7 Support for the supported products of choice at no additional fee. 
  • Unlock non-operational packages and access consulting sessions with our engineers, who are able to guide you on topics that would not be otherwise covered by a managed service.
  • Get more peace of mind, with the knowledge that both the Canonical Support and the Canonical Managed Solutions teams collaborate to troubleshoot and sustain your tech stack.

Ideal to transition to self-managed infrastructure

In the current market, options for customers looking to transition out of a managed service are limited almost entirely to enterprise support, which often involves a completely different team of engineers that applies standard protocols for every incident. Firefighting Support proposes a different take for post-managed life: the same team that has managed the environment to the point of handover continues to provide enhanced support in high-severity situations. Because the team is already highly familiar with both the stack’s architecture and the customer’s business needs, the support continues to be highly personalised and makes the transition to self-management much smoother. 

A good choice for highly-regulated environments 

There are several situations where managed services are simply not a viable option. This is often due to security protocols, which can be internal (in the case of highly-confidential infrastructures) or external (in the case of government entities, which fall under stringent national regulations). Firefighting Support is a feasible and compliant solution that provides engineers with the same in-depth knowledge of the supported environment, but does not require them to connect to it. This enables customers to receive a managed-level support while simultaneously adhering to any security requirements they may have.

To learn more about Firefighting Support, get in touch with our team

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