on 2 February 2015

openHAB is a free software for individual smart home hubs. It is highly flexible and extensible and adapts much better to the users needs than most commercial offerings. Ubuntu Snappy Core makes it possible to pre-package and distribute openHAB for a large variety of embedded platforms.

Ubuntu Snappy Core will greatly facilitate the installation and upgrade process for our users.

openHAB is one of the most popular open source solutions for smart homes. It integrates more than 100 different home automation systems and technologies into a single solution, which offers over-arching automation rules and homogeneous user interfaces. openHAB is easily extendible and has a very active developer community.

There is already an integration between openHAB and ROS and when both are available as Snappy apps this can lead to solutions that nicely combine robotics with the smart home. There is a plan to have an integration between the Ninja Sphere and openHAB in the future. What’s more, with the Ninja Sphere using Snappy Ubuntu Core, there is a plan to support this hub as a target platform for openHAB itself. Boards like the BeagleBone Black, ODROID-C1, Banana Pro are all perfect target platforms for openHAB and many users are running openHAB on these devices already. Through Snappy Ubuntu Core, it will make the setup much easier in future.


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