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Guests in Ubuntu OpenStack: ODS Vancouver

This article was last updated 8 years ago.

A key theme of IaaS is that Guests are what makes the compute part of IaaS interesting. And, as Dustin Kirkland suggests in his OpenStack Summit keynote, “It’s a variety of guests that keep it interesting” – like any decent party.

We want to go to a party that has all sorts of crazy guests; it’s the variety that makes it a good one, right? In the data centre there’s always variety. There is no such thing as 100% homogeneity in a data centre.

In this featured video from OpenStack Summit Vancouver, Dustin discusses the value of Guests in an OpenStack environment; showing how they bring a range and variety of technologies to the stack – and with that, the flexibility and scope to design a limitless number and type of clouds.


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