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MongoDB® use cases for automotive industry

The automotive industry is a vast and complex sector that includes all companies and activities involved in manufacturing vehicles or their components (such as engines, electronic control units (ECUs) and bodies). However,  this sector is growing even more, as it experiences  a technological revolution driven by new technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data analytics.

Managing and utilising the enormous amounts of data that modern automobiles create is a critical challenge the automotive industry faces. Innovators are tasked with producing great user experiences and need to make effective use of data to deliver value. 

MongoDB® is the ideal fit for these tasks and so it’s easy to see why it’s one of the most widely used databases for enterprises, including the automotive  industry. It  provides a sturdy, adaptable and trustworthy foundation for operations, and can also safeguard sensitive customer data while facilitating swift responses to rapidly evolving situations. This security and stability can be enhanced even further with Charmed MongoDB.

Let’s explore how various players in the automotive sector are making use of MongoDB.

Supply chain management

The first use case is supply chain management, wherein a database stores data on automotive parts and components through the supply chain in order to help the manufacturer or supplier manage inventory, order parts, and generally ensure efficient production processes. MongoDB can be used to store and collect data related to the inventory of automotive parts and components and can be leveraged for data analytics and reporting. This includes a significant level of detail, down to the types and quantities of parts, storage locations,order history, and more. Its flexibility allows for easy adaptation to changes in the types of parts and inventory requirements. MongoDB can also be used in demand forecasting and supplier management.

Fleet management

Fleet operators rely on databases to optimise vehicle use, reduce costs and ensure safety. These databases help sector operators manage their fleets, track vehicle locations, schedule maintenance, and monitor driver behaviour. 

MongoDB can play a considerable role in real-time vehicle tracking as it can store and manage real-time location data. In addition, it can maintain logs and reports such as maintenance reports and schedules.

Predictive analytics

Finally, MongoDB can be a valuable database for implementing automotive predictive maintenance systems. Predictive maintenance aims to prevent equipment failures and reduce downtime by predicting when maintenance is needed based on the condition of the equipment and historical data. MongoDB’s flexibility, scalability, and real-time data processing capabilities make it well-suited for this application. In addition, it can process real-time data scales and can be integrated with different machine-learning applications.


MongoDB is ideally suited to a wide variety of use cases in the automotive industry, and it solves a number of industry challenges in supply chain management, fleet management, and predictive maintenance through its efficient data storage and management, real-time tracking, and easy scalability.  Whether you’re managing a large fleet of trucks around the clock, tightening up your supply chain to prevent downtime, or planning maintenance for a dizzying array of complex parts,  MongoDB’s flexibility, scalability, performance, and integration capabilities make it a perfect database solution.

MongoDB® for enterprise data management

Trusted by major automotive companies, Canonical delivers a full suite of open-source solutions and services that help you provide security, safety and innovation for digital transformation iautomotive.

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Canonical for your MongoDB® journey

Charmed MongoDB is an enhanced, open source and fully-compatible, drop-in replacement for the MongoDB Community Edition with advanced enterprise features – Canonical can support you at every stage of your MongoDB journey (from Day 0 to Day 2). Our services include design, deployment, maintenance, management and support.

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