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Design and Web team summary – 29 March 2019

This article was last updated 4 years ago.

This was a busy two weeks for the Web & Design team at Canonical. Many of the things we worked on will be completed in the next iteration, but here are some of the highlights of our completed work.

New JetBrains publisher page

We have now a link to the JetBrains collection of snaps from the homepage. Without much marketing done, it has already ranked on our top 68 pages from in just 2 weeks. Other publisher pages upcoming soon!

Store page visual update

Following the branding update we did on the homepage, we have iterated as well on the store homepage which works beautifully responsive

Snap Store banner at the end of /store

To promote our Snap Store snap that allows non-ubuntu Linux users enjoy the storefront experience on their desktop

Updated image listing functionality

As well as general visual updates for snap details listing pages. Includes image restrictions messaging and updated the layout

Github badges with the latest version

Publishers can now publicise their snaps in their GitHub repos. We will work on a dashboard to help out understand how publishers are using these assets

MAAS updates

Updated page structure, wider fixed-width, new nav, improvements to copy, new responsive logo section and an updated hero banner.


Storage futuroscope

We explored future possibilities for managing custom storage at scale
ESXi & Windows storage. Then worked with engineering on designs to choose target OS and show custom storage layouts, including VMware datastores.

Move to ES6

Migration to ES6 modules, allows componentising angular modules for hot reloading and will speed development.

KVM aggregation

Following a three day workshop, we explored the IA, including the addition of RSD and renaming the current ‘Pods’ page to KVM, improvements to the machine listing table for VMs (when presented in the KVM tab), as well as options for adding charts to the hosts table.

Bonds and bridges

UI updates to improve UX including ability to add and remove interfaces from a bond.


Vertical rhythm and spacing in Vanilla Framework 2.0

New blog post discussing the introduction of vertical rhythm, a new typescale, consistent white space in and between elements, and adjustable information density.

Read the post

Simplify the Codebase

As part of our 2.0 release, we continued improvements by simplifying the codebase which included BEM nesting, renaming of spacing variables as currently, they’re not understandable and deprecated components.

  • Removing old deprecated code
  • Footer
  • Sidebar navigation
  • Strong link

Documentation improvements

As part of our roadmap, we’re continuing to improve our Documentation site by improving in areas to improve user engagement.

Vanilla Design UI Kit

Fixed broken components in our Master Sketch file so our designers can use it. Available to download on and use on your design projects.

JAAS navigation design

We updated the naming and order of the main navigation items experts lead generation form

We added a lead generation form to expert charm and bundle detail pages, updating the current implementation which only displays contact details details page header

We updated the header on detail pages to show the supported series e.g Kubernetes, Cosmic etc
GUI Development

Infrastructure improvements

Work was started on converting the Juju GUI to a standalone application served by Flask.



A number of white papers were completed and a few are pending sign-off

Awards certificates – We designed a set of awards certificates that will be printed and distributed globally

Design work continued on a number of pages as well as the navigation system that will filter across other sites. There was also the development of an exciting interactive tool for the careers section of the site.

Happy hour invitation

Designed to attract people to our stand were handed out at a happy hour drinks session we ran


Open Infrastructure – Denver and Dell Technologies stands were designed and produced

Livepatch icons

UI icons showing various states of Livepatch were designed and implemented


Homepage takeovers & engage pages

This iteration we designed and built four takeovers and three engage pages, including the following:

Partner Portal and legal pages updates

We updated legal terms and policies page to add new Partner Portal privacy notice.

Social banners for Financial Services whitepaper

These assets were designed for a campaign centered around the whitepaper Multi-Cloud Fundamental to Financial Services Transformation targeted at the financial services industry. Multiple versions were designed for each social media network for digital ad testing.

Ubuntu cloud

Ubuntu offers all the training, software infrastructure, tools, services and support you need for your public and private clouds.

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