Design and Web team summary – 04 December 2018

Welcome to the latest work and updates from the design and web team.

Web squad


In collaboration with the marketing team, we have produced three takeovers

Microk8s site

The webteam worked closely with the product owners to update and deliver using the latest Vanilla.


Vanilla squad

A number of components have had bugs fixes, as well as, some small updates:

The team worked on updating our releases website to use Vanilla, which has been merged and landed. Hope you all like it.

Shallow dive into analytics on (Some stats)

New showcase page on Vanilla website to show off external sites using Vanilla.

Removed inner shadows to the form input element to modernised the styling and make forms crisper.


MAAS squad

UX have spent some time exploring a more fine grain control of machine power management on the machine list. To shortcut having to go the machines details page to refresh the power status.

The team have worked on developing the KVM host UI. Due to the restriction of a modern Ubuntu system, we had to implement interactive validation based on the selections.

The UX team have proposed some UI wireframes to bulk edit and add tagging across many machines.


JAAS squad

The UX team have been working on a new homepage page for The aim of this redesign is to make the messaging much clearer. And, to display solutions more distinctly.

The JAAS frontend team have two new members this iteration. The team have been focused on implementing the JAAS react components package. This will allow for the sharing of JAAS components with other projects.


Brand squad

The team are focusing on the buildout of our new offices in Boston and Austin.

We finalised the developer version of the Snapcraft infographic design utilising the latest version of the branding.

Working on developing a new illustration style with the aim of creating multiple assets to use across the brand in all touchpoints, from web to print to exhibitions.

Continued the development of the Master Slide decks, working on designing a number of core slide decks, as well as comprehensive templates that are flexible enough for all uses whilst keeping brand consistency. In the process we are also developing a brand colour breakdown for the different products.

Microk8s brand mark produced in collaboration with the web team to coincide with the launch of


Snap squad

UX have spent time preparing for future work, including a proposal for media types that will be used across and Gnome Software, and reviewing the current experience of Ubuntu core.

The release UI, part of the publisher pages, now uses React Redux to improve testability and state management. We’ll be refactoring more of the publisher pages to use React and Redux over the coming months. also has a new section on the homepage promoting a Snapcraft workshop on January 15th 2019, to be held at the Canonical office in Southwark, London.

Ubuntu cloud

Ubuntu offers all the training, software infrastructure, tools, services and support you need for your public and private clouds.

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