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Competition: Build a seasonal snap on your Raspberry Pi

This article was last updated 4 years ago.

And our present for you this Christmas is… a competition to create a seasonal snap on your Raspberry Pi 2 or 3! We’d love to see the entries that are the most festive, original and work across devices – it could be snow falling, Christmas carols, Santa Claus snaps – anything that is festive! The best three entries will receive prizes that include Raspberry Pi accessories, backpacks and videos of your creations across our channels! See below on how to enter.

To enter: Tweet your Seasonal Snap installation line to @Ubuntu using hashtag #SeasonalSnap – here’s an example ‘sudo snap install snow-on-me #SeasonalSnap’

If this is your first snap… follow the instructions below, and we’ve created a couple inspiration snaps for you to get started with:

  • Download: Download Ubuntu Core onto your Raspberry Pi 2 or 3 device here
  • Create: To learn about snapcraft and create your first snap, head to Codelabs – a step-by-step guide on installing and creating snaps (you will need Ubuntu 16.04.) To find Codelabs, install the snap: snap install snap-codelabs and then head to http://localhost:8123
  • Publish Once you’ve created your Seasonal snap, publish it to the store by following instructions here and don’t forget to tweet in your installation line with #SeasonalSnaps


For inspiration…

Here are a couple examples of festive snaps we created which will give you a sense of what we’re after!

1. snow-on-me

  • Falling snow that demonstrates the use of the oxide full-screen web server on a Raspberry Pi 2. For this you weill need to plug your Raspberry Pi to a screen.
  • Install it with: sudo snap install snow-on-me
  • Install the oxide fullscreen webview: sudo snap install oxide-digitalsignage --devmode --channel=beta
  • Change boot configuration file and give it enough GPU RAM for displaying web pages: sudo mount -o remount,rw /boot/uboot . Edit /boot/uboot/config.txt and add one line: gpu_mem=448
  • Reboot
  • After reboot execute: /snap/bin/oxide-digitalsignage.start-oxide --url="http://localhost"
  • Source code, complete instructions and extra tricks:

2. xmas-hat

  • See yourself with a fancy Christmas hat! Face-detection with OpenCV displaying results through a web server on port 8080
  • Hook your Raspberry Pi 2 to the local network and plug a USB camera in one of the Pi USB ports
  • Install it with: sudo snap install xmas-hat --edge --devmode
  • Get the IP address of your Pi (ifconfig) and point a browser on your local network to IPaddress:8080
  • Source code:


3. Christmas Carousel Snap

  • And here are full instructions on creating the Christmas Carousel Snap…including the use of a PiGlow (!)
  • Entry and Judging

    Entry dates: 1st Dec ’16 – 3rd Jan ’17

    Three winners will be selected! And snaps selected will be based on those that are the most creative, bring the widest array of technology from backend to ‘Internet of Things’ and importantly, bring Christmas joy!

    Winners will be announced on 5th January 2017 in the Ubuntu Devices newsletter and 6th January across the Ubuntu Facebook and Twitter channel, detailing how prizes can be claimed.

    All three winning snaps will be featured in a video on our CelebrateUbuntu YouTube channel!

    1st place winner

    • Raspberry Pi 7-Inch touch screen display
    • Ubuntu backpack
    • Raspberry Pi 3 box


    2nd place winner

    • Raspberry Pi Sense HAT
    • Ubuntu backpack
    • Raspberry Pi 3 box


    3rd place winner

    • Ubuntu swag (backpack)
    • Raspberry Pi 3 box


    Happy snapping folks!

    Terms & Conditions: Festive Raspberry Pi competition

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