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Codership joins growing OpenStack Interoperability Lab community


on 13 March 2015

This article was last updated 8 years ago.

Canonical is pleased to welcome Codership, creator of database clustering technology, Galera, to our OpenStack Interoperability Lab (OIL) program. Codership provides an essential building block for high availability databases in an OpenStack cloud environment.

OpenStack provides a variety of excellent technology choices to enterprises looking to build or extend a private cloud. The solution providers that provide interoperability across a diverse set of technologies will have the most success. Canonical has recognized this, and is enabling an ecosystem via our OpenStack Interoperability Lab (OIL). Through this lab, we run tests in combination with solutions from our partners to provide validation of their interoperability in an OpenStack environment.

OpenStack Interoperability Lab

Codership develops replication and clustering solutions for open source databases, adopting novel ideas from latest DBMS and distributed computing research to build fundamentally new high availability solutions. The company’s flagship product, Codership’s Galera Cluster for MySQL, a synchronous multi-master cluster software, provides high system uptime with no data loss and scalability for high traffic web businesses and OpenStack.

Sakari Keskitalo, Codership Chief Operating Officer said: “Canonical’s OpenStack Interoperability Lab provides a test and validation capability which enables us to go to market with confidence; knowing that our solution will work seamlessly across a wide range of Ubuntu OpenStack configurations.”

John Zannos, VP Cloud Alliances said: “Databases are one of the primary application workloads we see clients using on Ubuntu OpenStack. Codership’s Galera Cluster provides an open source solution to meet demanding enterprise requires for scale-out solutions requiring high availability database support. We are pleased to have this solution participating in our OpenStack Interoperability Lab, which further improves the robustness of our extensive interoperability testing for the OpenStack ecosystem.”

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