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Meet Canonical at OpenSearchCon 2022 and hear about our new community collaboration


on 26 August 2022

This article was last updated 1 year ago.

OpenSearch makes it easy to ingest, search, visualise, and analyse data. Developers build with OpenSearch for use cases such as application search, log analytics, data observability, data ingestion, and more.

OpenSearch is Apache 2.0 licensed software, which means that it is open source and run, maintained and advanced by the community. OpenSearch includes a network of partners and is open to contribution. OpenSearch also has principles for development, as the organisation believes that great open-source software is built together with a diverse community of contributors. Canonical, the publisher of Ubuntu, is proud to be a member of this expanding community.

Meet Canonical at the first-ever OpenSearchCon in Seattle

OpenSearchCon is a one-day conference for the community. It is a free, in-person event that brings users, developers, and technologists across the OpenSearch community to explore real-world successes and new applications. The event will be held on September 21, 2022, at Seattle – Fremont Studios. Register for the event. We hope to meet you there!

Mehdi Bendriss, Senior Engineer at Canonical, will offer a presentation about deploying OpenSearch solutions on hybrid multi-cloud environments. Join the talk to learn more about our future development plans for OpenSearch operators.

OpenSearch operators, powered by Juju

Software operators codify the knowledge of an organisation’s operational team to manage and operate applications in the production environment. By using operators, app administrators and analysts who run workloads in various infrastructures are able to automate tasks to take care of repeatable operational work. Canonical has developed multiple application operators, known as charms, which are published in The charms use Juju, the Charmed Operator Framework. Canonical is working on OpenSearch operators and will publish them in Charmhub soon to make them available to the community. 

Jon Seager, VP of Enterprise Solutions at Canonical, described the collaboration as an exciting endeavour “I’m really excited about partnering with OpenSearch. The combination of their search technology and our security, packaging and automation expertise will enable us to jointly deliver a human-friendly, highly secure and robust OpenSearch on any cloud – be it public cloud, private cloud and bare metal through to containers on Kubernetes.

“As more organisations choose OpenSearch as their search and analytics solution, we see the community looking for effective options to manage and automate their workloads,” added Carl Meadows, Director of Product Management for OpenSearch. “OpenSearch operators, like those from Canonical, offer greater choice for users to run their OpenSearch tools where and how they wish. We are delighted to partner with Canonical to innovate new capabilities for the OpenSearch community.”

Philipp Kewisch, Leader of the Community team at Canonical, “It’s great to see how OpenSearch is building community and working together to provide alternatives to proprietary analytics solutions. Community members contributing towards different use cases from the products they are working on will help provide new dashboards, ways to process data, and ultimately help users succeed with better decision making. Canonical’s Juju Charms will help make large scale deployment more accessible, further growing the OpenSearch community.

Get an intro to Juju at the next community meetup

OpenSearch also organises regular community meetups. Canonical Product Lead Pedro Leão da Cruz will participate in a community meetup on August 30 to introduce Canonical’s Juju Framework. Register to join the meetup. 

Be part of the ‘search’ and open source innovation

If you can’t make it to these upcoming events, there are other ways to get involved in the OpenSearch community:

  • Join the OpenSearch forums, community meetings, and community projects. Link here
  • Stay informed  about our charmed operators and innovations in the Juju community. You can join some community discussions in  Mattermost and Discourse.
  • The Ubuntu community covers a wide range of topics about operating systems and different open source technologies.

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