Bodega Aurrera stores shipping HP PCs with Ubuntu preinstalled

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Good news for Ubuntu users in Mexico! Walmart-owned Bodega Aurrera has teamed up with HP and is now selling PCs preloaded with Ubuntu across Mexico. Consumers can now get their hands on the PCs and notebooks in-store or through the Bodega Aurrera website at

The HP Pavillion PCs preloaded with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS come with messenger bag, a wireless mouse and headset. The stores are all equipped with Ubuntu branded information and staff are fully trained to position the benefits and advantages of Ubuntu to consumers.

Great work by HP Mexico, AMD and Bodega Aurrera in pulling together an awesome choice for consumers.

Ubuntu is an easy choice, with a clean, intuitive, elegant interface, an exceptional browsing experience and a fully-integrated software center for great applications and games (both free and paid for). It also includes leading services such as the Ubuntu One, Canonical’s personal cloud service built-in.

With an actively growing base of more than 25 million Ubuntu users, it’s great to see more major global retail corporations partnering to sell Ubuntu to customers.


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