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In June we hosted a competition that asked developers – how well their app converges across devices?

We were looking out for apps that beautifully converged across Phone, Tablet and Desktop using our SDK AdaptivePageLayout component.

The numbers are in and we’ve selected our winners! Thank you to all who participated in making their apps look even more slick.

So….drum roll! The winning entries are below with some feedback as to why we chose each.

1st: Timer App

  • Design: Well-considered touches with design, animation and various cool themes
  • Usability: A favourite is the ability to drag seconds / minutes / hours directly on the clock
  • Convergence: Adjusts beautifully to different screen sizes


2nd: AIDA64 App

  • Design: Clean, readable with clear content
  • Usability: Pretty flawless
  • Convergence: Adaptive Page Layout suits this type of application well and is used well


3rd: Movie Time

  • Design: Functional with good management of all the content
  • Usability: Live results for search works smoothly as well as trailer links
  • Convergence: The gridview of poster art lends itself well to various screen sizes


4th: Ubuntu Hangups

  • Design: Clean and follows guidelines well
  • Usability: Easy to message / chat, with user-friendly functionality
  • Convergence: Easy to use particularly on Phone and Tablet


5th: uBeginner

  • Design: Basic and clean
  • Usability: Information is well-presented
  • Convergence: Uses the Adaptive Page Layout well


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