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Desktop archives

4 posts from February 2021

What is virtualisation? The basics

By Rhys Davies, 26 February 2021

Virtualisation plays a huge role in almost all of today’s fastest-growing software-based industries. It is the foundation for most cloud computing, the go-to...

Regex basics

By Robin Winslow, 18 February 2021

An overview of regex and how to use it, from a few different angles. Including appropriate warnings like ‘avoid regex’.

How to keep your Linux disk usage nice and tidy and save space

By Igor Ljubuncic, 11 February 2021

Everyone loves a clean, tidy home (hopefully). This also includes your other home – slash home, the Linux home directory. Disk cleanup and management...

Getting started with Flutter on Ubuntu

By Alan Pope, 8 February 2021

This is a guest post authored by Dani Llewellyn. It was originally featured on her blog, we’re reproducing it here with Dani’s permission. Dani is an active...